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” Raise your business, lead your future “

I edition – NAPOLI 3-14 April 2017

Teachers from the world

Great performance for great value and great results. This course offers you the opportunity to learn how a good management of time and resources could make the difference in managing a business.

Great Performance

Have you ever think about having a full immersion experience in the business world with some of the best teachers and coaches in the world? This course will give you the opportunity to be trained by some of the major expert in the world, people whith years of experience in international companies.

2 weeks

Two weeks of lessons! Two weeks of full immersion, breathing “internationality” and spending time with great teachers and fanatstic coach. Moreover, these two weeks are a challenge that will help you in test your ability to give the best out even when the time is short and the days are full.

For young professionals

Different way to learn, which means not to learn in an traditional way but learn starting from the experience. No more simple notions to know by heart but experiences that will offer the opportunity to test since the very first moment the working methodologies.


Our Projects

Our aims connect to our projects , in Italy, over the world to connect people and to connect young professionals !

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Foundations activities in Italy


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Global Village


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A conversasion with Lee Iacocca – part 1


Connect to roots to improve future

  • “Ho scoperto che essere onesto è la miglior tecnica che possa utilizzare. Davanti a loro, dì alle persone che cosa stai cercando di fare e cosa sei disposto a sacrificare per realizzarlo”
    "I found that to be honest is the best technique that can be used. Before them, tell people what you're trying to do and what you're willing to sacrifice to make it happen"

    Lee Iacocca, Iacocca Foundation

  • “Se dovessi riassumere in una parola cosa fa di un dirigente un buon dirigente, direi la risolutezza. Puoi usare i computer più fantasiosi per raccogliere le cifre, ma alla fine devi stabilire un calendario e agire”
    "If I had to summarize in one word what makes a manager a good manager, I would say the resolve. You can use computers more imaginative to collect the figures, but in the end you have to set a timetable and act "

    Lee Iacocca, Iacocca Foundation

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